Our Beers

Our Beers

Our beers change all the time, because we are small batch brewer no two beers will be the same. Over time our beer availability will sell out (which is a good thing right?). Occasionally we might try to recreate our most popular beers. Note – if you see a beer with a key ingredient – eg: limes, blueberries or pumpkin, it is mashed and brewed with that ingredient (not flavoured). Six packs are currently $28 and singles are $8 per stubby. We also have merchandise available such as T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs and baseball caps. Discounts apply to merch if purchased with a six pack.

Before you go. We love the place where we brew. We live in a tiny hamlet in SW Gippsland. Help us Save Kongwak from inappropriate development sign the petition by zapping this QR Code – and you can read all about it.

Violet Beeregarde hoppy pale ale brewed from blueberriesON SALE NOW !
Violet Beeregarde is a hop forward Pale Ale brewed from fresh Kinglake blueberries. Hop levels here are just below IPA levels, so if you like a mouth cleansing hoppy bitterness this is the beer for you. It’s cloudy and slightly pink in the glass with a beautiful fluffy white head with great retention. Moderate to high fizz, great drinking all year round. 5.3 % abv and 1.3 standard drinks.

“Mrs. Chicken” Gluten Free Lager

Mrs Chicken gluten free lager, sorghum and corn gluten free beerCOMING AGAIN SOON !
Mrs. Chicken is a delicious gluten free lager made from sorghum, corn and honey. It is gorgeously clear (amber gold) and a delicious Summer beer with a solid level of carbonation and a pure white head. Mrs. Chicken is named after a coeliac friend of mine, who carried this nickname moniker. Mrs. C was developed due to feedback from so many clients that they couldnt taste or drink my beer because they are coeliacs. Now problem solved ! Mrs. Chicken is a clean crisp lager with a lovely honey aroma and a very slightly bitter finish from Saaz hops. It is flying out the door because it is being enjoyed by all beer drinkers regardless of gluten status. At 5.3 % ABV is it 1.3 standard drinks.
Oh Blimey Pale Ale Beagle Brewing CoSOLD OUT ! Oh Blimey ! is a Pale Ale featuring about 5% yellow limes and a smattering of Thai Basil all from our garden of course. For the first time, Oh Blimey ! features Galaxy hops providing terrific fruit and floral tones on the nose. This is our palest pale ale yet with a lovely pale straw colour. Oh Blimey ! will be available in September 2022. At 4.9 % ABV Oh Blimey is 1.3 standard drinks.

“Plum Psycho” Pale Ale

Plum Psycho Pale Ale Beagle Brewing CoSOLD OUT ! Plum Psycho is our first attempt at a fruit Pale Ale. Plum Psycho contains about 5% blood plums from our garden, picked in Summer and added to the beer this Winter. This is a sparkling ale with toffee and caramel tones on the front of the palate and finishing bitter with a nice dose of Citra hops. Some folks claim they can taste the plums. Maintains a great white lacy head to the end of the glass and this is a very bright beer (no sediment, very clear). Available until about mid September 2022 and then its gone. At 4.4 % ABV it is 1.1 standard drinks.

“Mr Pumblechook” Choc Oat Stout

Mister Pumblechook Choc Oat Stout Beagle Brewing CoSOLD OUT ! I’LL BE BACK ! Mr Pumblechook is a delicious choc oat stout. Made from dark roasted grains including black barley, Mr P is named after the Charles Dicken’s character in Great Expectations, who was a very stout man. Our Mr Pumblechook features a deliciously firm and “dirty” head with good retention and lacing. Carbonation is solid and adds a nice dry finish. Moderately hopped with Saaz hops providing a great balance. Includes rolled oats and some lactose to add a little body. Deliciously chocolate and coffee on the palate with some folks tasting vegemite or liquorice as well. This is a deliciously drinkable stout – and it is flying out the door. At 4.3 % ABV is it 1.1 standard drinks.

“American Psycho III” Pale Ale

Six pack $28. Singles $6.

American Psycho Pale Ale from Beagle Brewing Company SOLD OUT !! American Psycho is a delicious summer drinking pale ale. Made from a blend of Munich and Pale Ale malts, it is modestly hopped with Citra hops added to the boil. It has a great clean finish with malt tones evocative of honey. The Citra hops add a fruity element to the finish and the nose. Carbonation is solid with a firm fluffy head – don’t pour me hard. At 5.8% ABV is it 1.5 standard drinks.

“Oh Be One” Mid Strength Amber Ale

Six pack $25 plus delivery

Oh Be One is a mid-strength Amber Ale at 3.7% only one standard drink per 330 mL. bottle. A very hop forward beer at close to 70 IBU. SOLD OUT ! Oh Be One is one standard drink in a 330 mL bottle. Although its easy on the alcohol this amber ale is a real hop bomb ! Coming in at around 70 IBU this beer is not for the feint hearted. Lovely dark amber colour coming from 2 specialty malts, the hop character comes from Centennial hops. Medium fizz, well retained fluffy white head and just 3.7% for the booze bus.

“Franken Stein” Pale Ale

Six pack $28 plus delivery

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is franken-stein-pale-ale-1-768x1024.jpgSOLD OUT ! Lovely choc caramel nose, amber caramel colour from 3 malts including Joe White Maris Otter. Nicely balanced hop bitterness but not overwhelming, medium fizz and medium white foamy head, well retained. ABV strength 5.2 % – 1.3 standard drinks in a 330 mL bottle. This beer was a nightmare to produce due to a high pressure hose letting go in the brew house and the subsequent clean up. Beer’s good though !